About Sonja Shin

Sonja Shin

Sonja Shin is an award-winning journalist who has produced medical news for The Today Show and NBC Nightly News in New York City and reported the news at TV stations in San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis. She has handled public affairs and development at NASA in Silicon Valley, hosted a daily talk radio show and regularly appears as an expert guest on local TV and radio shows. Shin also trains clients on how to be great guests on TV and radio, and pitches them to the media, and produces and reports videos for the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission.

Shin has been coached and mentored by Matt Lauer, Brian Williams and Richard Hart. She has been a spokesperson for several companies like Edward Jones and is a popular blogger with a YouTube channel with more than a half million views. She specializes in “translating” science, tech, health and medicine for the layperson and studied science journalism at Northwestern University and the world’s top science communication graduate program at University of California, Santa Cruz.

By the Numbers

$3 million+  Estimated ad value of media coverage for Better Family Life (BFL) with Shin as Marketing Director (Oct '16-Mar '17)
342 million+ people around the world   Number of people reached in the 416 times BFL was featured or mentioned in the news (Oct '16-Mar '17)
100%   Percentage of clients who had media appearances after Shin pitched them to the media
60   Approximate number of times Shin has appeared as an expert guest on local TV news in four years
30,000   Approximate number of viewers watching when Shin appears on Fox 2 News
536,114   Number of times Shin’s YouTube videos have been viewed
1620   Number of YouTube channel subscribers
6   Number of websites Shin designed and built for NASA and Stanford University

For more details on Shin's experience, see her reel and resume.

Media Coaching and Strategy

Would you like to reach more potential customers/clients and investors, spread the word about the cause you champion and/or get help refining your pitch to clients or investors? Shin can advise you on how to get covered by the media, strategize a media and marketing plan with you and work with you on your messaging so that people care about what you have to share. Click here to learn more about media coaching and strategy.

Website Design and Development

Shin also more than 15 years of experience designing and building websites. While a Public Affairs Specialist at NASA, Shin was trained in how to build websites. She has designed and built websites for NASA, Stanford University and many small businesses and non-profits with everything from Dreamweaver to Wordpress and Squarespace.