Unlock your potential.


What will your life be like when you move past what's been holding you back?


Sonja Shin helps people unlock their potential. She helps people quickly get new results in their businesses and personal lives. Shin helps people shift on the inside and that quickly creates shifts on the outside. 

Over the past couple years, Sonja has worked with many, many people who have gotten results that delighted them – oftentimes within just 24 hours of a single session – results like them getting:  

Within two weeks, $5,000 came into my life in a variety of ways I didn’t think it would.
— Taryn Love, Relationship Coach
  • new clients (e.g., one person got a new client within minutes of finishing a session)
  • new jobs (e.g., after a long stretch without work, one woman's husband received a call that soon turned into a new job within a few hours of a session)
  • more income (e.g., multiple checks arriving the same day after a session for one woman; while another woman got $5,000 in about three weeks after three sessions)
  • greater clarity, focus and courage to live the life they want to live (e.g., one woman knew she wanted to change careers and yet was blocked and not making progress on what she really wanted to do. After one session, she stopped procrastinating and started making progress.)
  • a greater feeling of peace and freedom (e.g., many people report feeling more peaceful than they have in years. Some have said they felt a sense of peace and relief that they never experienced after spending thousands of dollars and years in therapy.)
After only one treatment from Sonja, I experienced a personal life-altering event.
— Diane Carson, Owner of Promo Expertz
When Sonja Shin leads a manifestation meditation & activation expect the shift you’ve been waiting for.
— Lucinda Martin, Entrepreneur

About Sonja Shin

I believe Sonja has a true gift for expression, communication and teaching. Her personal passion for life, discovery and purpose make her an amazing teacher.
— Lisa Grezlak, Entrepreneur & Owner of French Ascension Jewelry

Sonja Shin is a teacher, coach and activator. She is a professional science communicator who has studied the mind, consciousness and how the universe works for decades. She has interviewed countless scientists, researchers and doctors at top institutions between San Francisco and NYC as a network news producer in NYC, as a TV news reporter in San Francisco and Seattle, and in many communications roles over the years at NASA's research center in Silicon Valley.

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Sonja studied science communication at Northwestern University and at the world's top science writing post-grad program at the University of California in Santa Cruz. She learned how to build and program a computer around the age of ten. 

Sonja brings together modern science and nonduality, exploring that which brings life to everything in the universe. She is a spiritual practitioner who has raised her own level of consciousness through more than a decade of avid meditation and studying the connection between mind, body and spirit with a multitude of top teachers around the world.

Sonja is a very gifted guide and teacher. The peace and inner guidance that emerged from the experience was such a powerful message to me from my own inner wisdom. If you are looking for a way to calm your mind and get in touch with your inner wisdom, I definitely recommend that you come to one of Sonja’s meditations.
— Debbie Josendale, Teacher and Coach
Sonja has a beautiful gift. From the moment she started, I felt a sense of calmness and stillness as I rested with her words... She holds a space of love, support, non-judgment and a deep connection.
— Shannon, Entrepreneur

Sonja's Guiding Mission

Sonja is on a mission to reduce suffering and inner chaos to empower people to find peace and wellbeing and live lives in which they feel free.

 Sonja way back when

Sonja way back when

Sonja struggled with depression and anxiety, beginning in elementary school and for much of her life. She was abused as a child and bullied throughout school and into her professional career. She attempted to feel safe and in control by excelling in her studies and in her work. She attended a top university and was hired to produce network news in NYC before even finishing graduate school. She was very accomplished and yet was often stressed out and miserable on the inside. 

After getting laid off multiple times after the dot-com bubble busted in Silicon Valley, she had a major breakdown and went on a path to find peace. She learned a great deal and discovered she had many gifts in helping others create shifts within themselves that created shifts in their lives.

Sonja attended the Washington University Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. She is especially passionate about helping young women (suicide is the #1 cause of death in teen girls) and parents. She knows that when one person makes shifts within, it creates a ripple effect that affects everyone around them. 


Many Tools & Techniques

Sonja teaches, coaches and activates people with a variety of tools and techniques to help people shift their minds and consciousness to get new results in their outer lives. About 95% of what's happening in the mind is subconscious – as in we're not even aware of it. Much of the information in our minds right now was installed in our brains when we were kids.


About half of what you believe about yourself and the world, you absorbed like a sponge by the time you were about five – things you heard from siblings and parents, on TV, in passing at restaurants, etc. For example, you might have a program running under the surface right now about how "you're stupid" or "you never do anything right" after a sibling or parent told you that when you were four. 

You’re stupid... You never do anything right.

By the time you were 18, about 90% - 95% of what you believe about yourself and the world was in place. That became your operating system guiding you throughout your adult life; and yet much of this information is simply not true.

Sonja works with people to upgrade their brains and consciousness, by helping them remove limiting beliefs in the subconscious and writing in new information, which affects a person's emotional and energetic state, because emotions are caused by what we think and emotions impact our energy.

Sonja shares free tools and information online to help you shift and stay elevated and in the flow. She offers guided meditations online and leads live guided meditations to groups. She gives educational talks, classes, workshops and retreats. She also works with people in one-on-one sessions. 

One-On-One Sessions

Sonja offers a free 15-minute consultation and activation (over the phone) so you can see if working with her is a good fit for you.

Within a couple hours, I had a client ‘demanding’ I stop by to get paid & received two other wonderful checks in the mail the same day!
— Jennifer, Photographer

Clients get rapid results from even just a single session. The effects of a session continue to unfold long after working together.

Peace & Firestarter Session 

  • This session creates new results in your life.
  • It brings greater peace and clarity while lighting a fire and connecting you to pure source energy. to open you up to a greater flow of abundance in the area on which you choose to focus.
  • About 50 minutes to an hour in person or remotely over the phone
  • $150

The Alpha & Omega Freedom Session

  • This three-hour session removes blocks and creates new beginnings.
  • We focus on one deeply rooted challenge to remove weeds in the subconscious mind that have been limiting you and creating less than stellar results.
  • We plant new seeds for what you'd love to have in your life.
  • We activates and connects you to pure source energy to open you up to a greater flow of abundance in the area on which you choose to focus.
  • Bonus: Includes a recording of a custom meditation that continues to rewrite the brain that you to listen to anytime
  • $444 (or two payments of $222)
Working with Sonja is a powerful experience. I had a session with her recently around finances and within a few hours money was manifesting in my experience. Even though I had focused on one particular event... money continued to flow beyond the initial request. In fact... money is continuing to flow into my experience, so much so that I feel a portal of prosperity has opened up and is now flowing freely in my life. For this I am so grateful.
— Pooki Lee, Owner of The Connection

Multiple sessions provide continued support and additional activations to help you develop new habits and get a bigger boost to make greater, more comprehensive change.

Three-Session Peace & Fire Package

This has quieted my mind from the fearful, racing thoughts that were running the show before my trip. Even though terrorists attacked a place in Istanbul just a week before I went there, I was safe the entire time on my trip. My trip was just like what I saw during our session! I am in total gratitude. What a gift!!
— Allison, Entrepreneur
  • A package of three individual sessions (each session is about an hour in person or remotely over the phone)
  • Bonus: Includes a recording of a custom meditation for you to listen to anytime
  • $444 

Six-Session Peace & Fire Package

  • Bonuses: Includes four custom meditations on the different areas you want support on
  • Each session is about an hour in person or remotely over the phone
  • $777 

Contact Sonja to learn more or schedule an appointment.