What People Say About Working With Sonja Shin


“Sonja is a creative, motivated self-starter who can be counted on to get the job done effectively and on time. She brings flair and imagination to her work while staying within job requirements, funding and time constraints.”

   - David Morse
     NASA Technology Partnership Director
     Silicon Valley


“We employed her based on her perceived potential. She lived up to that and delivered more. Whoever, decides to work with Sonja Shin will find she brings a new positive energy to the workplace that is a beyond-expectations benefit to the organization.”

- Smash (Asher Benrubi)
  Radio Personality & Entertainer
  (Former Program Director for 1380 The Woman)
  St. Louis


"I AM A FAN OF SONJA. She has helped me with my message, with being clearer and with how to present in a smoother way with more impact."

     - Tessa Greenspan
One of 25 of the Most     
       Influential Women in St. Louis
       (St. Louis Business Journal)


Nominated for Best PR Firm to St. Louis Small Business Magazine by a media coaching client:

"I have have found Sonja's coaching and strategies are on trend with current media outlets and very insightful.  I can spew out talking points and she puts them into a concise “pitch” that totally makes sense!  She is well connected with the media, and has been seen/heard on local television as well as radio."

   - Pam Bredenkamp
     Health Coach, St. Louis


“It was truly a pleasure to work with Sonja in developing solid marketing materials to support my health coaching practice. Sonja took the lead and came up with countless creative solutions to help me effectively represent and expand my business."
    - Christine Gonzalez
      Health Coach, Los Angeles


"Out of 19,000 writers on Examiner.com, Sonja stands above and beyond. I shared her work and achievements with the entire Examiner.com community as an example of what every Examiner should strive for."

   - Lindsay Galloway
     Examiner.com Category Manager


“Sonja Shin’s skills as an interviewer were vital in assisting me convey a topic I am passionate about. I have historically viewed myself as awkward and/or ineffective when I step before a camera. After getting the courage to view my own video produced by Sonja, I actually brought myself to tears as I was so moved by the authenticity of my own message.  Sonja seamlessly assisted me in delivering my heart-felt message. Sonja can help you, too! Call her today and get your message to the world.“

    - Tracy Floeh
      Philanthropist & Animal Rights Activist,
      St. Louis


"Sonja Shin is an awesome pro who smoothly delivers her lines with just the right emphasis and believability. She shows true understanding of content and is very likeable both on and off camera, so we would definitely use her again."

    - Leinicke Group


"Sonja had primary responsibility for modifying and updating our digital platform, assisting with content development, marketing strategy, video production and consumer engagement. And honestly, this was only a partial list of her responsibilities. Sonja managed to balance them all with professionalism and skill while keeping an incredibly positive attitude which was immeasurably helpful. Sonja will be a bright star for any organization that is smart enough to hire her. I hope to work with Sonja again in the future."

  - Randy Gerber
    Polsinelli Health Care Attorney
    Pacient Founder
    St. Louis

"Sonja is incredibly skilled at building social media and marketing for ideas that are essentially boring and hard to understand... Before Sonja was hired on, our team struggled to engage and educate our followers to better explain exactly what it was we were trying to do, despite hiring several highly qualified consultants to help us. When Sonja came on board, her suggestions of how we could improve worked quickly and with great success. The educational videos she did got over 5x+ more views than our articles. Even though she does an amazing job as a marketing and media specialist, she has been a jack of all trades and supported our efforts in website improvements, content development, and our business model."

    - Kyla Bauer
      Pacient Head of Operations, St. Louis


"Based upon her job performance, her attitude and disposition, as well as her technical knowledge and creativity, I would clearly recommend her as an asset to any organization. Sonja offers a wealth of ability and dedication to any professional pursuit."

    - Phylis Clay Sparks
      Soul-Esteem Center Spiritual
      St. Louis


"I have worked with Sonja over the last 4 years on software that I have developed. She is exceptionally talented and dedicated. She is a true professional who I know I can depend on. She has high standards, a strong work ethic and works well on tight deadlines. She is enthusiastic, motivated and personable. I look forward to opportunities when I can work with her. I know that if she is involved with one of my projects, I will be able to accomplish something that is truly excellent."

     - Geoffrey Bruce
       NASA Education Office

       Project Manager, Silicon Valley


"Whether looking for quick tips or more in-depth training, Sonja can help you improve your public image. During our session, it did not take long for her to help me recognize negative tendencies and give me tips to improve perceptions."

     - Bruce Wilkinson
       CEO, BenMedica, St. Louis


"If you're a startup you need to talk to Sonja. In our brief meeting she was able to give some valuable insights and tips on presenting pitches that would have taken me months or even years to learn."

     - Mark Neville
       CEO, FinVR, St. Louis


“I am so grateful to Sonja for her guidance. Her warmth and encouragement helped me to build confidence and push past my fears of having my voice heard on radio and in video. Working with Sonja was not only an incredible investment for my business but also for my self-development. I highly recommend her.” 

     - Krista Holt-Shippe
Therapist, St. Louis




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As well as entrepreneurs and local business owners, including Tessa Greenspan, one of 25 of the "Most Influential Women in St. Louis" named by St. Louis Business Journal