Website Design & Development Portfolio

Sonja Shin has more than 20 years of experience designing, building and producing websites. She has designed and built websites for NASA, Stanford University and many small businesses and non-profits with everything from Dreamweaver to Wordpress and Squarespace. She has also produced website assets for a variety of companies, including Please see samples of her work below. 

Stanford University Research Compliance Office

“Sonja is gifted in graphics arts, has a great eye for design, and employs cutting-edge web technologies. I highly recommend her work and look forward to our next project.”

- Julie Reynolds-Grabbe, Operations Manager of Stanford University Research Compliance

NASA Research Park

  • As a Public Affairs and Development Specialist at NASA Ames Research Center, designed, built and maintained the several-hundred page NASA Research Park website (using Dreamweaver, site designs were used from 2000 to 2005 – style was modified when NASA moved to a uniform look for all NASA sites).

  • Created branding and graphics.

  • Wrote and edited all site text.

“Sonja is a creative, motivated self-starter who can be counted on to get the job done effectively and on time. She brings flair and imagination to her work while staying within job requirements, funding and time constraints.”

- David Morse, Special Assistant, Director's Office, NASA Ames Research Center

Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)

“Sonja is a very gifted web designer. She re-designed the SOFIA website and did a great job!”

- Julie Reynolds-Grabbe, IT/Web Lead, USRA/NASA Ames Research Center

The New Game

  • Designed and created The New Game website (with Squarespace).

  • Created visual branding and messaging (wrote all text).

  • Interviewed founder and shot videos about the company.

  • Set up social media on Facebook.

"The site is perfect! I love it!"

- Dack Quigley, Founder of The New Game

ABC Plumbing & Drain

  • Designed and created ABC Plumbing & Drain website (with Squarespace).

  • Created visual branding (with existing logo) and messaging (wrote new copy and refined existing text).

  • Set up social media on Facebook.

The Soul-Esteem Center

  • Redesigned the Soul-Esteem Center website (with WordPress).

  • Created graphics.

  • Wrote and edited text.

  • Created online store for selling digital media.

  • Helped devise marketing and business development strategies.

  • Managed social media presence.


“Based on her job performance, her attitude and disposition, as well as her technical knowledge and creativity,
I would clearly recommend her as an asset to any organization. Sonja offers a wealth of ability and dedication to any professional pursuit.”

- Phylis Clay Sparks
Soul-Esteem Center Spiritual Director

Uptown Drug & Gift Shop

  • Redesigned, built and maintained the Uptown Drug & Gift Shop website in Los Angeles (using Dreamweaver, design was used from 2010 to about 2013).

  • Created graphics.

  • Edited all site text.

NPursuit Technologies

  • Designed and created NPursuit Technologies website (with Squarespace).

  • Wrote new copy and edited existing text.

  • Set up social media on Facebook.

  • Created PowerPoint video for potential sponsors.

Stamp On Over

  • Completely redesigned, built and maintained the Stamp On Over website in Sunnyvale, CA (using Dreamweaver, design was used from 2005 to about 2010).

  • Created branding (with existing logo) and new graphics.

  • Wrote and edited all site text.


"Sonja's creative website design, fresh and trendy ideas, website photos, exciting marketing techniques and hip business ads are assets to my business.
She is wonderful to work with and always gets the job done better than my expectations. I am so pleased to have found her!"

- Daisy Nishigaya, Former Owner of Stamp On Over

Hello Beauty Blog (my personal blog)

  • Created graphics.

  • Write and edit all text.

Other Marketing & Design Work

  • Designed, helped write, copy edited marketing materials for Los Angeles-based health coach Christine Gonzalez.

  • Helped devise marketing and business development strategies.

  • Redesigned client handouts and created company backgrounders.


“It was truly a pleasure to work with Sonja in developing solid marketing materials to support my health coaching practice.
Sonja took the lead with project management and came up with countless creative solutions to help me effectively represent and expand my business. 
Her knowledge base in medical journalism and web design were huge assets.
Sonja's reliable and efficient work ethic allowed me to delegate tasks to her without worry.
Her professional, focused, and balanced demeanor kept me on track as well.
I continue to receive accolades on the work she has done for me!”

- Christine Gonzalez, Health Coach, Los Angeles